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Mosquitoes Hinder Students` Study at RU


প্রকাশিত : ১০:৫৮ পিএম, ১৭ এপ্রিল ২০১৭ সোমবার

Students compel to use curtain even at day time due to nuisance of mosquitoes

Students compel to use curtain even at day time due to nuisance of mosquitoes

The depredation of mosquitoes has become a great threat in recent time at Rajshahi University campus. The hazard is getting intensity as it is the breeding time of mosquitoes. Students alleged that the concerned authority do not spray toxic in a regular time basis.

While recent visit, the correspondent found more than 20 garbage heaps at different areas including next to Nawab Abdul Latif Hall, near Shaeed Shajahan Siraj Road, West side of Shah Makhdum Hall, East-North side of Syed Amir Ali Hall, in front of Shahid Habibur Rahman Hall and next to  different floating food shops. The gutter system of the university campus is very poor and it doesn’t keep neat and clean at regular intervals. That is why mosquitoes are breeding easily in those gutters and garbage’s heaps —some of the resident students of different halls alleged.

The most affected areas are all the residential halls, Tukitaki Chattar, Paschim Para, Sabash Bangladesh playground, Iblish Square, Zuberi playground and Shaheed Minar premises etc.

Talking to the Anudhyan, Rubel Ahmed of Nawab Abdul Latif Hall and a third-year student of Anthropology Department, said “I am a boarder of ground floor and so the nuisance of mosquitoes is very high. It is really unbearable to study without curtain. Even I compel to use curtain at day time. The concerned authority should take necessary measures to control the breeding of mosquitoes as early as possible.”   

The problem of mosquitoes is very high now. It is totally impossible to study a long time without mosquito coils or curtain. Mosquitoes’ bite causes many dots are found in our body, claimed Bizli Banik of Taposi Rabeya  Hall and a fourth-year student of Political Science department.

Dr. Jahangir Alam, the Provost of Shah Makhdum Hall, said, “I have realized this problem. Actually it is not our duty to spray toxic to kill mosquitoes. Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) is responsible for this problem. Meanwhile, I informed RCC authority to take necessary steps. If the authority could not take any steps immediately, I will do it with my own cost for my resident students.” 

Mohammad Sanaullaha, the Acting Inspector of Mosquito Eradication Programme, RCC said that mosquito eradication spray is very expensive. Now it is breeding period of mosquitoes. For this reason, mosquito problem is getting severity. We spray two or three times in a year.

He also added that the budget for this purpose has recently run out and the programme becomes closed. "As soon as we will get the budget we will start spray again", the Inspector stated.

Reporters` team: Prolab Roy and Md. Abdul Quaium